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The academy is located in Oeversee, quarter Sankelmark, at the former federal highway 76 No. 6 about 9 kilometers southwards from Flensburg.

The easiest way for drivers to reach the Academy is via the Hamburg-Flensburg-Kolding motorway (A7): Exit at junction no. 4 Tarp., from there follow the U 67 (L317) in the direction of Flensburg and after approx. 6 km a sign indicates the way to the academy. If your navigation system does not know the Akademieweg, please enter "Bundesstraße 76 Haus Nr. 6" and follow the indications.

Travellers by train arrive at Flensburg station. From there the Akademie Sankelmark can be reached by taxi (cost approx. 17,00 €) or with the bus lines 640 Flensburg/Schleswig and 860 Flensburg - Tarp/Eggebek. To get to the bus stop "Tegelbarg", go up the stairs on the left after exiting the train station. You will reach Schleswiger Straße, turn left and cross the rails on the bridge. The first street on the right is "Tegelbarg", where you will find the bus stop. Cars from Denmark can best reach the academy passing the border crossing at Krusaa. Follow the ring around Flensburg to Schleswig / Flensburg-Weiche / Jarplund-Weding. There follow the indications for B 76 and Schleswig. A sign on B 76 marks the exit to the academy on the right (one should not enter the village of Sankelmark).