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What is the role of the European Commission? Can Germans vote in Denmark? Which countries would like to become members of the EU? These and other questions are answered by the EUROPE DIRECT South Schleswig, which has been part of the Academy Centre Sankelmark since 2013.

We want to get people enthusiastic about Europe and make the European Union more transparent for its citizens. As a competent contact partner, we are available for all matters concerning Europe. The events and information offered by the EUROPE DIRECT highlight the advantages and opportunities of EU membership, but they also address citizens' fears.

The official documents of the EU, brochures, reference works and magazines are available as sources of information. In the "Sankelmarker Europagesprächen", representatives from politics, business and science discuss current European policy issues and their impact on the Southern Schleswig region. The EUROPE DIRECT South Schleswig is part of the Europe-wide Europe Direct Network and is funded by the European Commission.



How to reach us: 

European Academy Schleswig-Holstein
Akademieweg 6
24988 Oeversee 
Phone: +49 4630 - 550
E-Mail: eu-info[at]”