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You may not be able to see the presence of Europe on a daily basis but Europe is present in the region Südschleswig. Many things and developments in the region are possible through the support of the European Union. Within the funding period 2014-2020 Schleswig-Holstein got around 360 Million euros from EU Regional and Social funds. The focus areas of the funding are growth and employment. The emphases in these areas lie on protection of the environment, development, innovation as well as the support of employment and mobility, education, lifelong learning social inclusion and the minimization of poverty.
An exemplary project, which was funded by the European Union in the past, is the development of leisure activities along some bike trails such as the Eider-Treene-Sorge bike trail, the Viking-Friesen path, the border path and the Kanurevier.
Furthermore, the support went to projects for coast and flood protection and many other projects to support tourism in the area. Through these funds, 195.00 people could be supported and 2.000 apprenticeship places were created. The economic development in the region was also supported by funding some small and medium sized companies, as well as start-ups in the region.
A strong emphasis in the region lays on the cooperation of the border regions in Germany, Denmark and other states, which are located around the Baltic Sea coast. With the help of EU funds, their cooperation is also strengthened and further developed.
Detailed information on the many things the European Union does for the citizens, and what has already been done in the different cities and municipalities of Schleswig-Holstein can be found at: