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The "Verein zur Förderung der Academia Baltica e.V., der Akademie Sankelmark und der Europäische Akademie Schleswig-Holstein e.V." (Association for the Promotion of Academia Baltica e.V., the Sankelmark Academy and the European Academy of Schleswig-Holstein e.V.) has set itself the goal of raising funds to support the work of these three educational institutions in the traditional conference centre on Lake Sankelmark. This is done by contributions of the members as well as by donations and revenues from the academy events. The state of Schleswig-Holstein and the Federal Republic of Germany support the work of the three academies, but in times of scarce public funds, it is the private sponsors who decide on the future of the Academy Centre.

The association is recognized as a non-profit organization and supports the following Goals:

  • Intensify the intellectual, cultural, economic and social conditions in a Europe that continues to grow closer together

  • Extend the knowledge about the German and Schleswig-Holstein history in the context of historical aspects of the neighbouring states.

  • Improve the mutual understanding within peoples of the Baltic Sea region

  • Foster good neighbourliness and cooperation with people and institutions in Denmark as ll as cooperation with minorities in the German-Danish border region. 

These aims and objectives are realised by the association through the co-financing of projects, activities, scholarships, events (seminars, academic trips, conferences), material equipment, publications and public relations work of the Academy Centre.

Further Information

statute of the association              Flyer of the association

Chairman of the AssociationJohannes PetersenGlücksburg
Deputy ChairmanIngo DegnerSchleswig
Treasurer and Managing DirectorHans Jürgen FrahmHaewitt
AssessorProf. Dr. Hans W. OrthLübeck

Förderverein des Akademiezentrums Sankelmark
Nord-Ostsee Sparkasse
IBAN: DE21 2175 0000 0164 6338 69
Register of Associations Local Court Flensburg VR 2871 FL
Tax No. 15 290 83748