With us from the start: The Sankelmark Academy 

Since its foundation in 1952, the Sankelmark Academy shapes the free exchange toward politics and culture beyond borders. The academy is the oldest educational institution in Sankelmark compared to its following institutions, which from 2011 onward constitute the “Academy Center Sankelmark”. 

On June 29, the educational institution formerly known as “Border Academy” set up shop right at the shore of the appealing lake Sankelmark, possessing one seminar room and 24 guestrooms. As years gone by, the academy grew in its capacity up to four seminar rooms, supplementary group rooms and 57 guestrooms. In 2004, a new restaurant and kitchen has been built. The old kitchen has been transformed to the appealing „Seebar” which invites for cozy evening exchanges. 

To fulfill its mission from the founding certificate to be “a bridge of fundamental, real communication of the people”, the academy suffices with its topics about history, culture and religion, literature and fine arts, in contrast to political education and questions of democratic cohabitation. Fine nuances are put forward with regional references. 

Michael Freund provides great detail on the foundation and history of the academy in the booklet “Rückschauend voranschreiten. Die Gründung der Akademie Sankelmark in Zeiten grenzpolitischer Auseinandersetzungen”, which you can download here (German only).

Rückschauend voranschreiten

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