Four buildings under one roof

In 1952 by the shore of lake Sankelmark the Academy Sankelmark was opened. Four educational institutions now share the roof of the building: The European Academy Schleswig-Holstein, Academica Baltica and the Minority Competence Network (MKN) have been added. 

With its educational services, reaching over a hundred each year, the academy center is acknowledged as an important forum reaching beyond the boundaries of the country Schleswig-Holstein. These educational services are multifaceted and are settled in the topics of politics and history, society and culture, religion and ethics, as well as literature and fine arts. 

Academy Sankelmark

From the start, the location in the German-Danish border region has put forward an important emphasis in the academy’s offerings: Liberating exchange towards politics and culture beyond national borders. 

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European Academy Schleswig-Holstein

Geography, culture, economy, diversity, values, one vision – what unites Europe? The European Academy offers room for ideas and considerations about Europe, as well as up to date politics. 

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Academia Baltica

One of the most exciting and dynamic regions in Europe is the Baltic Sea region. Culture, history and current developments, with special focus toward the eastern neighbor countries provide a broad topic range. 

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Minority Competence Network (MKN)

The goal of the Minority Competence Network / Southern Denmark e.V. (MKN) is to promote the understanding for national and regional minorities, their languages and cultures in the German-Danish border region.

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Europe DIRECT Southern Schleswig

This European network provides suggestions for people and Europe, for instance which role Europe plays in their daily lives, what the future of the European Union has in stock for them, and how they can get involved. 

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Are you interested in an even broader programme of courses or are you looking for different premises for your event? Visit our partner  institutions: Like us, the IBJ Scheersberg and Nordsee Akademie belong to the German Border Association.

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