Working in Sankelmark

The „German Border Association e.V. “(Deutsche Grenzverein e. V.) is the umbrella organization of the Sankelmark Academy. In cooperation with the colleagues of the North Sea Academy (Nordsee Akademie) and the international education center youth center Scheersberg (Jugendhof Scheersberg) we educate the North. 

Each of the three educational institutions possess their own history, their own profile, their own audience, own characteristics, and have their own cooperation network. This is why employees feel connected to the single educational institute, the local team and the visitors. Because of their topics, knowledge and capabilities they shape the profile of the houses. 

In the Sankelmark Academy Center you work in green surroundings, right at lake Sankelmark with good transport connections and interesting tasks. When dealing with our various groups of guests, no two days are the same and together as a team we do everything we can to ensure that our visitors feel at home with us - whether it's the rooms, the food, the technology in the seminar rooms or the planning of excursions.

For employees of the German Border Association e.V. (Deutscher Grenzverein e. V.) the conditions of the public service collective agreement apply:

  • 30 days vacation (for a 5-day week)
  • Possibility for flexible working time models and home office
  • Special annual payment (Christmas bonus)
  • Company pension scheme
  • Company bicycle via JobRad

Ausbildung in der Akademie Sankelmark

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Are you interested in an even broader programme of courses or are you looking for different premises for your event? Visit our partner  institutions: Like us, the IBJ Scheersberg and Nordsee Akademie belong to the German Border Association.

Rapsfeld vor der IBJ Scheersberg.
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Menschen unterhalten sich vor der Nordsee Akademie.
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Deutscher Grenzverein e. V. Deutscher Grenzverein e. V.

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