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Our representative conference rooms provide for a lot of space up to 140 participants. Fitted with the newest technical equipment, our rooms are the perfect place for conferences, seminars, or meetings. In the background, our team caters for streamlined processes and the restaurant is happy to take care of the catering for the guests. 

Are you planning a hybrid event, where participants in presence and online are put together? Additionally, your event should be interpreted in multiple languages? Our seminar room “Stockholm” is specially equipped for this purpose. Together with our partners from the technical department, we provide a professional solution – no matter which kind of event. 

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After a long day of seminars, you can rest in one of our 57 guestrooms in a Scandinavian design. 

During your stay, your car is parked on one of our free parking spots. 

Sleeping at the academy center

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Are you interested in an even broader programme of courses or are you looking for different premises for your event? Visit our partner  institutions: Like us, the IBJ Scheersberg and Nordsee Akademie belong to the German Border Association.

Rapsfeld vor der IBJ Scheersberg.
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